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Our Strategy

Battle Capital's strategy is rooted in our commitment to creating value, delivering results, and fostering growth. We approach every investment opportunity with meticulous due diligence and strategic planning. Let's delve deeper into the systematic steps we employ in our small business investment and residential real estate investment strategies

Small Business Investment Strategy

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Our journey with a potential small business starts with identification. We are looking for small businesses that are under-performing.  We utilize a variety of sources to identify promising businesses in need of capital and strategic support, including Chapter 11 filings, partner leads, clients of our consulting arm, and brokers. Each of these sources offers a unique opportunity for us to connect with businesses ready for a transformation.



Once we've identified a potential business, we delve into the scoping stage. Here, we conduct thorough due diligence to identify areas for improvement such as sales, processes, back-office operations, and more. The objective of this step is to sketch a blueprint of transformation that would elevate the business to its highest potential.

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Acquisition & Deal Structuring

The acquisition and deal structuring stage is where we align our strategy with the business's needs and expectations. We negotiate and structure the deal in a way that's beneficial for both parties, ensuring that the business has the resources needed to implement the identified improvements while securing potential returns for our investors.


Improvement Implementation

Once the deal is in place, we move to the final step: improvement implementation. In this phase, we allocate resources and strategic support to the business, working closely with the team to implement the planned improvements. This hands-on approach helps us ensure that every business in our portfolio has the support they need to thrive.

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Small Business Performance

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