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Private Debt

Unlock potential growth through unique avenues in the bustling landscape of small businesses. Welcome to SB Private Debt III, an opportunity designed to tap into the heartbeat of the American economy. Battle Capital, an experienced private equity firm, is proud to present our latest fund offering, focused on underwriting the future of high-growth businesses.

Riding on our decade-long track record of double-digit revenue growth and strategic, systems-driven methodologies, we have meticulously curated investment opportunities that navigate through risk while maintaining a consistent focus on growth. SB Private Debt III is more than an investment; it's your direct gateway to influence, and profit from, the innovative potential of America's small businesses.

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Battle Capital: Where Performance Meets Resilience

Performance: Over the last decade, our portfolio's success has been underlined by our exceptional track record. Our 9 portfolio companies, once they reached $500K in annual revenue, have experienced a staggering 151% year-over-year revenue growth on average.  Battle Capital has been instrumental to $70M of added revenue across the portfolio.

Resilience: Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we didn't lose a single business. Instead, we innovated, diversified, and enhanced our earning potential, proving our ability to thrive amidst adversity.

Methodology: Our systematic due diligence and our knack for identifying and implementing value-add opportunities ensure continued transformative growth.

Choose Battle Capital, where robust performance, resilience, and strategic growth fuel investment success.

Small Business Private Debt Overview


Invest in the Future, Today

With Battle Capital facilitated Small Business Private Debt, you are not just investing in small businesses; you're investing in the future. Each investment fuels innovation, supports job creation, and drives economic growth. Simultaneously, you have the chance to exceptional returns with the strength and diversity of Battle Capital. This is more than an investment—it's an opportunity to be part of a bigger journey, a journey of growth, transformation, and success.

Join Our Investor Network

Become part of our exclusive network of small business investors, privy to opportunities typically reserved for large private equity players. Our expert team's extensive experience in private equity and investment management ensures your investments are handled with the utmost professionalism and strategy.

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Unleash the potential in private equity, real estate, and small business investment opportunities today. Join our network of successful small business investors.


Investments in private funds are speculative, involve a high degree of risk, and are intended for accredited investors only. We strongly encourage thorough due diligence and consultation with financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants before investing.  Neither past performance nor target returns guarantee future results.

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